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When in early 2008 we met a group of friends at an impromptu dinner after a meeting of legendary cars, and we spent all night talking about them, their stories and their characteristics, we realized that the passion we felt about our beautiful vehicles was far superior to any other passion.

For car lovers it is essential to share and comment everything related to their vehicles to learn, contrast and expand the knowledge and culture that revolves around them.

That is the reason THE CLUB AUTOCORPORATIONE was formed since then. The club of the lovers of the Classic and Exclusive Automobiles by Excellence (based on the number of copies, conservation and mechanic complexity).


Whether we decide to accept you or not in this Club is never a personal decision. The only thing we are interested in, is knowing which are your cars , their history, how many you own and the state of conservation of them. In the club we are very demanding and we prefer few partners but maintain the quality standard at the level of excellence.


Our activities are only for our partners. They do not have a public character. The information and proposal of the activities are not announced and only treated in a reserved manner directly with our partners.


Av. de Josep Vicenç Foix, 54 * 08034 BARCELONA (Spain)
Tel +34 655 824 525

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About us?

Autocorporatione is created to provide our customers with the most fascinating market models that after passing through a rigorous control and diagnosis become the soul of our establishment.